Online-brackets is an online system that allows you to run various tournaments online.

Starting with small single knockout up to large double knockout or round robin.

Key features include:

  • many tournament formats
  • persistent player database
  • full automation of draw
  • live scoring
  • rankings
  • seeding support
  • export to excel
  • support for mobile devices

Just sign up and get started!

If you don't remember password just click 'Forgot password' link on login page

Follow the instructions to create a new one.

You can always contact us at

Once logged-in, user is presented with current tournaments on the left and players on the right.

Click 'New Tournament' or 'New player' buttons to get started.

Click on tournament name to manage the tournament (update scores, players, etc)

Click on player name to edit the player.

There are many ways of managing players.
  1. Players can be added/modified/deleted on main page after logging-in.Main page may also be accessed by clicking home button from top bar.
  2. You can also add player when creating new tournament

  3. If tournament is already in progress, players can also be added by clicking 'Lateregistration' button.
    In case of round robin format, given group will be regenerated.
    For normal brackets, after adding player to the tournament it can be placed in proper place on bracket byclicking little personicon above the match and selecting from list.

After clicking 'New tournament' on main page, user is presented with general info screen.

Enter name, optional date and location and select format.

For round robin more options are requred:

  • Match type - SINGLE or DOUBLE (one or two matches between each pair)
  • Group count - number of groups
  • Knockout (optional) - if selected, user must specify how many players from EACH groupwill qualifyto single knockout.

After pressing 'Create tournament' button user is presented with manage tournament page.

This page is divided into four sections:

  • At the top of the screen new users can be added to both main player database and thetournament itself
  • Left column displays all available players
  • Middle column shows players assigned to current tournament
  • Right column specifies seeding

In order add player to tournament either add new one at the top or select one (few with ctrlor shift) from first column and press right arrow next to the column

To manage seeding, select players in the middle column and press right arrow next to it.

Seeding order is managed in the last column. To change seeding order click player and moveup/down holding mouse button down (drag and drop)

To start the tournament click 'Make draw and start' button

Once tournament is created you can always change basic information (date, location, name) bypressing 'Edit tournament info' and change data on next page.

To share tournament with others (view only mode) provide them with public address which is available in two places:

  • at the top of tournament page

  • next to each tournament on your tournament list

More sharing options like facebook and tweeter are coming...

To change given match data just click the 'edit' icon above it:

It will make edit window appear

  • Change player score
  • Modify match state (scheduled, in progress and complete) - results in match colorchange
  • And additional information (date, place or any other)
  • Additional information will be displayed above the match

Automatic draw occurs in few places:

  1. In case of Round Robin with knockout:
    • Winner of group 1 will be seeded with number 1.
      Winner of group 2 will be seeded with number 2.
      Winner of group n will be seeded with number n.
    • If 2 players from each group qualify, the system will mare sure that each playerranked 1 in a group willplay with random player ranked 2 from any other group.
    • If 3 players from each group qualify, the system will mare sure that each playerranked 1 in a group willplay with random player ranked 3 from any other group, and player ranked 2 willplay with other rank 2 player
    • If 4 players from each group qualify, the system will mare sure that each playerranked 1 in a group willplay with random player ranked 4 from any other group, and player ranked 2 willplay with random rank 3 player
    • For more players, system will behave in same way.
    • If automatic random knockout draw is disabled knockout bracket will be generated based on group places
  2. In case of Double Knockout tournament, when all LQ and WQ players have completed theirmatchessystem will automatically perform the knockout draw.
    It will make sure that 2players that played in same WQ match will not meet againin first knockout round.

Seeding rules

  1. For Round robin seeding works in the following way
    • Player with seeding number 1 is placed as first player in group 1.
    • Player with seeding number 2 is placed as first player in group 2.
    • This mechanism continues until all groups are filled with 1st players.
      Next seeded players will be places as 2nd players in each group, then 3rd and soon.
    • When all seeded players are places in groups, the rest of players is selectedrandomly.
  2. For Single Knockout and Double Knockout seeding works as follows
    • Player with seeding number 1 is placed at the top of the table.
    • Player with seeding number 2 placed in the very bottom.
    • Player with seeding number 3 is placed at the top of middle part and so on according to standard rules.
    • Not seeded players are placed randomly.

To add new tournaments ranking click 'New ranking' button at main page:

It will make create ranking window appear at the top of the screen.

After entering the name and submitting it will appear on the list below.

With list of rankings you can:

View the ranking by clicking the magnifying glass next to it.

Click ranking name to manage it (set ranking points and add/remove tournaments)

Delete by pressing delete button (tournaments won't be deleted)

To manage logos click 'My logos' in the top bar:

Manage logos page will appear

You can upload one USER logo that will appear next to your name in tournament view

You can upload multiple TOURNAMENT logos to your repository which can be later used in the tournament

To manage tournament logo click 'Manage logos' button in your tourmanent view

You will enter manage logo page

This page displays all tournament logos you uploaded in 'My logos' page. To select current tournament logo just select checkbox next to it.

If you want to allow people to register to your tournament select 'sign-up' option upon tournament creation

Once the tournament is created go to 'tournament info' section to specify the message that can be send when user signs up.

When you share the public url for your tournament (e.g. viewers will see a 'signup' button.

Clicking this button will show them signup form.

As the tournament manager, you can use new 'Participants' button.

This leads to participant management screen. Here you are presented with all pending confirmation and confirmed players.

After clicking the 'confirm button' a new window appears with confirmation options.
You can either:

  • Create new player from data given upon registration
  • Select already existing player if you have one with same name already defined.When using this option you can choose to copy email and phone from registration data toexisting player.

Select venues from main dashboard menu

Create, edit or delete venue information.

Go to tournament info edit page and select required venue from available list.

Now users can see venue information on public tournament view page

Select 'Score update from mobile devices' option when creating or editing tournament

To restrict access to only people you want to update given match, each match has a PIN code assigned.
All codes are generated when tournament is created.
In order to change the codes, go to 'Mobile PIN codes' section to update each code manually or click'Generate codes for all matches' to assign random PIN codes for all the matches.

You can always check the PIN code on match update screen.

Players can update the scores by clicking 'Mobile score update' button.

They are presented with list of matches to select

After selecting the match they are aked for the PIN code.

When correct PIN code is provided, users can use +/- buttons to change the score or finish the match.